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   Beyond Banking

Beyond Banking

Our Philosophy is our Mission

The concept of Al Baraka Banking Group's Unified Corporate Identity is the result of revisiting the values that lay behind our original Vision statement - and not just the horizon end-result as one sees it - an exercise that was to convince ourselves that those values ought to be represented as an integral part of our Vision.

The outcome therefore is that our Vision has now been restated as a corporate ethos:

'We believe society needs a fair and equitable financial system: one which rewards effort and contributes to the development of the community'

Flowing from this restatement of our values and as a natural consequence of it, our Mission is restated thus:

'To meet the financial needs of communities across the world by conducting business ethically in accordance with our beliefs, practicing the highest professional standards and sharing the mutual benefits with the customers, staff and shareholders who participate in our business success'

This does not mean that our original Vision, of becoming the leading worldwide Islamic banking group offering the full range of banking products in accordance with the Shari'a, no longer applies. It means that in prioritizing our values and raising them above the mere attainment of corporate size and product range and delivery, we believe that we will expand naturally and as a matter of course, as we build the kind of relationships with our customers which are based on true partnership with them.

We believe that banking has, or ought to have, a crucial role to play in society, one in which as bankers we have an incredible responsibility of stewardship for the resources placed in our hands. To meet this responsibility and use the resources wisely, we rely on Shari'a principles to guide us as we participate in our customers' successes, sharing in the social development of families, businesses and society at large.

By 'partnership', therefore, be mean that our success and that of each of our customers are as intertwined as our jointly held beliefs. Taking part in the joint effort is therefore our reward. We see money as a means to Capitalise on opportunities and create a better society for all of us.  Money becomes the conduit by which we enter into new opportunities together and take part in common effort for mutual reward; as steward of the resources entrusted to us, our efforts contribute to building the community, at home and in the wider world.

We call this concept:

'Beyond Banking'  


Beyond Banking

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