Al Baraka عربي

Introduction to The Executive Management

The Board of Directors has delegated to the Group’s Executive Management team the primary responsibility for implementing the strategy of the Group, identifying and evaluating significant risks to the business of the Group and for the design and operation of appropriate internal controls. Its other responsibilities include: ensuring that resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried out; ensuring that the Group operates at all times in accordance with the principles of Shari’a and that the decisions and recommendations of the Unified Shari’a Supervisory Board are carried out; providing the Board of Directors with analysis, assessments and recommendations regarding the Group’s activities and supplying the CBB with all information required under the CBB Law and relevant regulations. The Executive Management disseminates to the Group Units strategic and other central decisions taken at the parent level, and ensures the implementation of Group wide policies and common operational processes and procedures.
As at the end of 2022, the Executive Management Team consisted of the Group Chief Executive Officer, and the Heads of Credit & Risk Management, Internal Audit, Treasury, Corporate Communications & Branding, Strategy, Investments and Investor Relations, Sharia Internal Audit, Group Compliance, Governance & Board Affairs, Finance, Operations, HR and Administration and Sharia Officer and Chief Digital Officer. The Executive Management exercises control via a number of committees with specific responsibilities, among which are:

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