Al Baraka عربي

Sharia Compliance Risk

Shari'a compliance risk arises from the failure to comply with the rules and principles of Shari'a and, in this respect, is akin to reputation risk. It also includes the risk of legal or regulatory sanctions that the Group or its subsidiaries may suffer as a result of failure to comply with laws and regulations. As mentioned above, the Group has in place a Compliance Policy that provides for the assessment of compliance risks, the implementation of appropriate controls, monitoring of effectiveness, and correction and eradication of exceptions. Group subsidiaries have in place systems and controls, including their respective Shari'a Supervisory Boards, to ensure compliance with all Shari'a rules and principles. In accordance with CBB regulations and AAOIFI Standards, the Group has been certified by the Unified Shari'a Supervisory Board to be in compliance with Shari'a Standards and Principles.
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