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Al Baraka Unclaimed Dividends

Manama | August 16, 2020

Complying with Bahrain Bourse resolution no. 3/2020, AlBaraka Banking Group B.S.C have transferred the accumulated and  unclaimed dividends of the years 2006 to 2018 which was not received by shareholders into the dividends account in Central Bank of Bahrain. The dividends account will be managed by Bahrain Clear, which is part of Bahrain Bourse.

Shareholders are kindly requested to contact Bahrain Clear to collect their dividends:

Bahrain Clear
Bahrain Financial Harbor - 4th floor
+973 - 17108833
[email protected]

Shareholders are requested to provide the following requirements:
1. Personal attendance (or through official notarized proxy)
2. Original passport
3. National ID
4. Banking document proofing the IBAN number

Shareholders, whose residence is out of Bahrain, can appoint a licensed broker in Bahrain Bourse to clear their unclaimed dividends (

Furthermore, only 2019 dividends can be collected from the Share Registrar (Karvy Fintech) until 08/10/2020, post which, it will also be transferred to Bahrain Clear:

Karvy Fintech 
AlZamil Tower, 7th floor
Call center (+973) 17215080
[email protected] 

Contact at Al Baraka Banking Group:

Mr. Ahmed AbdulGhaffar
First Vice President - Investors Relations
Al Baraka Banking Group B.S.C.
Tel: (+973) 17520701 / 17541122
Email : [email protected]
Online Investors Center:   


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